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PR 101: Growth Hack Your Company With Publicity

Publicity isn’t just for celebrities. Small businesses can use it to generate awareness of their company, products, and people too by securing stories in local newspapers, business journals, and on morning television shows.

Publicity offers several benefits:

✅ It’s cost-effective.

✅ It has more credibility than advertising.

✅ It has a long shelf life.

✅ It can be re-purposed.

In this online course, you'll learn what makes the news, how to identify the right reporter, how to craft your story, and insider tips on how to pitch it to reporters, bloggers, and television show producers to secure stories in newspapers, e-newsletters, blogs, and even television.

This course is ideal for, small business owners interested in helping boost their sales by generating awareness of their companies, products, and/or services among their target consumers.

What You Will Learn

What makes news

How to identify the right reporter/producer

How to effectively structure your information and pitch it to reporters

Learn the same techniques I learned my first day on the job: Tell the right story, to the right reporter, at the right time. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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